Vegetables with cod

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Vegetable dish with cod ideal for dinner and that will also delight the little ones in the house. The texture of the cod is spectacular. This recipe is among the easy recipes of the kitchen.

Vegetables with cod with Monsieur Cuisine Connect


100 grams of zucchini
100 gr of aubergine
100 gr of carrots
150 g of cod
1 l. of water

Instructions for use 15 minutes

1- We program the machine in steamer mode for 12 minutes. Pour the litre of water into the glass and place the vegetables in the basket.

2- The vegetables must be cut into thin slices and the amount is to be chosen.

3- In the top basket, place the cod covered with a film so that the smell doesn’t stick to the vegetables.

4- We start the program and once it is finished you can serve it.


This is a vegetable dish with cod, it is great for dinner, it provides all the nutrients to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It has proteins and vegetables and with this our body will rest well and without a bad feeling. It is also a simple recipe and in almost 15 minutes you will have it ready.

Don’t the little ones in the house eat fish? They will love the vegetables with cod, the texture of the cod is exquisite and you can add some species they like. If you choose fresh fish from the fishmonger’s (always better than frozen), we recommend that you remove all the bones so that the little ones don’t reject it.

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