Rice three delights

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The three delights rice is a typical dish of Chinese cuisine. It is estimated that this dish dates back to 4,000 B.C., when rice was cooked over a high heat and sautéed with different vegetables found in the province. This recipe of Arroz tres delicias con Monsieur Cuisine can also be found in the rice and pasta section.

Recipe of Rice three delights with Monsieur Cuisine


300 gr. of basmati rice
150 gr. of ham
150 gr. of peas
150 gr. of peeled shrimp
2 carrots
2 garlic
1 liter of water
50 ml. of olive oil
2 eggs
salt to taste

Instructions for use

  1. To begin, we will introduce the chopped carrot into the glass, and we will program for 5 seconds at speed 6.
  2. Once the carrot has been cut up, put the butterfly in the glass and add the ham, prawns, oil and salt. We program for 7 minutes, at speed 1 and temperature of 120 degrees. IMPORTANT When there are 3 minutes left, add the eggs through the hole.
  3. Remove the ingredients and put them aside in a bowl. Without cleaning the glass, add the rice basket and put in the rice, water, peas and another 50 ml. of oil. Program 20 minutes at speed 3 and 120º of temperature.
  4. Once finished, we remove the rice with the peas and mix it with the bowl of ham and eggs that we had reserved. Stir it well and it will be ready.


In step number 2. the butterfly must be introduced on top of the blades, this way we avoid that the food is crushed by the blades even if we do it at speed 1. In other words, the butterfly is like a spoon that is stirring the ingredients.

Also in step number 2. once the 7 minute program is over, it is advisable to leave the ingredients inside for 1 minute so that the egg is finished with the same heat as the glass of Monsieur Cuisine.

In step number 3. it is important that the water touches the rice, so if we see that the rice is not submerged, we will have to push it down and stir it so that it is completely with water.

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