Pumpkin cream

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Pumpkin cream is part of a healthy Mediterranean diet and is made with peppers, onions and of course pumpkin. We have made it with leeks and carrots with our robot Monsieur Cuisine Connect and it is exquisite. You will find this recipe in the vegan section.

With Monsieur Cuisine, pumpkin cream


Pumpkin 550 grams
Water 600 ml.
Rice or oat beverage (or milk) 100 ml.
Leek 1
Carrots 3
Olive oil 3 tablespoons

Instructions for use

1- Introduce the leek and carrot cut and peeled into the glass. We program for 10 seconds at speed 5 in turbo mode.

2- Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and repeat the process for 5 minutes at speed 1 and temperature 130º in frying mode.

3- Add the 550 grams of pumpkin inside and program for 10 minutes, temperature 120ºC at speed 1 in frying mode.

4- We now introduce 600 ml. of water and program for 15 minutes, temperature 120ºC and speed 3 in turbo mode.

5- Finally, introduce 100 ml. of milk and program 1 minute, at speed 8 and turbo mode.


Pumpkin cream is an ideal dish to eat hot in winter or cold in summer. You can add many ingredients but always calculating the specific amount so that we do not get too solid. We can also add less or more water if we like it more liquid or more solid.

We have the option of changing the water, for chicken or vegetable broth to give a more tasty taste to the cream. This way we have a delicious cream with totally green ingredients.

We can also substitute the milk, for a couple of cheeses in step number 4. The time, speed and turbo mode do not change.

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