Healthy Shake

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Healthy Shake with Monsieur Cuisine

The healthy shake consists of spinach, apple and celery. It is healthy, with no saturated fats in the hydrates or fats and we will accompany it with some ice to give it a taste ready for the palate. You can see more easy recipes by clicking on this link or go to the vegan food here.


Green spinach 80 gr.
Green apple 200 gr.
Celery 60 gr.
Water 200 ml.
Lemon 1 unit
Saccharin or stevia To taste
Ice 5 large pieces

Instructions for use

  1. We will cut the lemon into small pieces without the peel and the apple cut into quarters without the pips inside. We also cut the spinach to the size of a leaf and introduce all this plus the celery and ice. We program for 1 minute at speed 5 and gradually increase the speed until we reach 10.
  2. Finally we introduce the 200 ml. of water, saccharine or stevia and we program this time again 30 seconds at speed 8. Once it is finished, we present it in a jug and it is ready.


It is a healthy shake, made with Monsieur Cuisine Connect, but you can apply it to the Plus or any other food processor. It is a recipe with lemon, apple, spinach and celery, but you can add more foods if you prefer or remove some that you do not want. Always taking care of the robot’s programming times.

The taste of the food in this healthy shake we have mentioned is really good, so we recommend you try it and then decide if you prefer to add others.

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