Hake with champagne potatoes

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This recipe for Hake with Cava Potatoes is an exquisite dish, with very good taste and ideal for a light dinner. Hake is a fish that lives in fresh water and is one of the so-called whites. We have made the recipe like this.

Hake with potatoes in champagne with Monsieur Cuisine Plus


Hake loins 500-600 grams (7-8 loins)
Prawns 14-16
Leeks 100 grams
Onion 150 grams
Medium potatoes 5 units
Dig 200 ml.
Fish stock 100-150 ml.
Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Saffron A pinch
Parsley A pinch

Instructions for use

1- To begin, introduce the leek and onion and chop for 5 seconds at speed 5.

2- Add the oil and cook for 14 minutes.

3- Now pour the cava and fish stock into the glass. Without programming anything at the moment, before we prepare the tray and put the slices of hake and potato (cut into slices). In the upper tray, we put the prawns. Program 25 minutes at speed 1 and temperature 130ºC.

4- To finish it is time to make the sauce. Remove the tray (with the potato, the hake and the prawns) and place 2 slices of potato in the glass. Set the timer to grind progressively for 20 seconds from level 3 to 10.

5- Once finished, place the hake loins on a plate, the potatoes on the side and the sauce prepared at point 4 on top.


This recipe for Hake with Cava Potatoes is a simple recipe, with a lot of flavor and very traditional in the villages of Spain.

In this dish you can decide which seafood to put. We have chosen prawns but you can choose clams, oysters, barnacles, mussels or the fish you like best.

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