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Gazpacho from La Mancha or Andalusia is a cold soup that is usually served cold in the hot summer months. It was first made in the south of Spain and Portugal, in the hottest areas, and served to cool down the workers who suffered most.

Gazpacho from La Mancha or Andalusia with Monsieur Cuisine


Tomatoes 850 grams
Green pepper 1
Garlic cloves 2
Olive oil 60 ml.
Apple vinegar 2 tablespoons
Salt To taste
Cold water 250 ml.

Instructions for use 2 minutes

1- Chop the tomatoes, garlic and pepper by hand.

2- Pour all the ingredients mentioned above into the glass for 1.30 minutes at speed 8.

3- Take it out, put it in a tupperware and let it cool down in the fridge for 2 hours. Once the time is up, we take it out and ready to serve. Gazpacho Monsieur excellent recipe and super easy!


The time indicated in step number 2, will indicate the level of liquid or solid we want. If we want a very liquid gazpacho, we will have to increase the time to 1.45 or 2 minutes.

With the Gazpacho from La Mancha, many variations have come out such as the Andalusian gazpacho, among them the Salmorejo and the Ajoblanco. It has been internationalized and therefore has undergone many modifications. Many new and varied ingredients have been added and the aroma and taste has changed. What has not changed is that it is part of a healthy, Mediterranean and balanced diet. It used to be served in its clay pot to keep the temperature cool.

This gazpacho Monsieur can be adapted in many ways, removing or adding similar ingredients. Above all it is important to follow the steps well so that there are no mistakes.

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