Galician Cod

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A great fish dish, healthy, fast and very easy due to our trendy cooking robot “monsieur cuisine”


50 gr of AOVE
3 cloves of garlic, sliced, and 2 whole cloves, peeled
1 teaspoon of paprika
500 gr of water
400 gr of potatoes
8 loins of 100 gr each or 4 fillets of 200 gr of frozen or fresh cod
100 g evaporated milk
150 g of frozen peas optional
Salt and pepper

Step-by-step processing

  1. We put in the glass the OVE and the two types of garlic (filleted and whole) We program 6M STEAM ,RUN BACK V1
  2. Take the whole garlic out of the glass with a spoonful of OVE and set aside. Add the paprika to the rest of the ingredients and put aside in another container.
  3. Without washing the glass, put the potato and chop 4S V4.
  4. Add the water and a little salt. Set 20M STEAM BACK V1
  5. When we start boiling, place the VAPORERA with the peas on the lid and when there are 10M left, season the cod, place it in the VAPORERA tray and steam it over the peas.
  6. At the end of the time, remove the steamer without uncovering it.
  7. Place the potatoes, reserving part of the cooking water, put the potatoes in the glass with the evaporated milk, whole garlic and a spoonful of reserved AOVE, season with salt and pepper and mash 10S V7. If it is too thick, add some of the cooking water.
  8. In a dish, put the cream at the bottom, place the fish and sauce with the garlic slices and oil with paprika.

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