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The crepe comes from the French and is a sweet made from wheat flour. It forms a round dough and is used to spread on a dessert or other dish. This recipe is among the easy recipes for cooking.

Crepe Monsieur Cuisine


Butter 55 grams
Milk (whole, half or skimmed) 500 ml.
Water 200 ml.
Flour 200 ml.
Medium eggs 4
Salt To taste

Instructions for use

1-Introduce the 55 grams of blanket inside the glass to melt it. We program 2 minutes, temperature of 80ºC at speed 1

2. Add all the ingredients that are missing, the 200 ml of water, 500 ml of milk, 250 g of flour, 4 eggs and a pinch of salt. We program for 25 seconds at speed 3.

3. Add the mixture to the frying pan and cover the whole pan with the dough until it slowly runs out. Approximately 5-10 minutes.


It is usual to always eat the crepe with a sweet, whether it is chocolate, nutella, white chocolate, etc… But in France, the most common thing is to eat the salty and/or sweet crepes.

One of the typical dishes can be a savoury crepe, with cheese, sobrasada, ham, mushrooms, roast chicken, potatoes or whatever you like etc… there are plenty of mixes with crepes and it will be a dish you will never get tired of.

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