Chocolate shake

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Chocolate and banana shake with Monsieur Cuisine

The Chocolate and Banana Milk Shake with Monsieur Cuisine is mainly made of milk, cocoa, banana and sugar. It is very easy to make and in less than 2 minutes you will have it made. It is in our section of easy recipes and vegan food.


Banana 2
Rice or oat beverage (or milk) 450 ml.
Cocoa powder 20-25 gr.
Sugar, saccharine or agave syrup 60 gr.
Cinnamon A pinch

Instructions for use

  1. We will start by cutting the two bananas into small pieces, approximately 2 to 3 fingers each. We also add the sugar, the cocoa powder, the cinnamon and the 450 ml. of milk. We program for 30 seconds at speed 5.
  2. Now without taking anything out or adding anything from the glass, we program 30 seconds more at speed 8. Once finished we can serve.


This chocolate and banana shake is very easy to make and you can surprise your friends or family in a few minutes. Just add the 5 ingredients inside the glass, schedule and you’re done.

The bananas should be cut to small size, approximately 2-3 fingers thick so that it is easier to shake later.

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